Monday, December 22, 2014

Where are we headed?

I sat up most of the night praying and doing my Zikhr and meditation, why?, simply because i could not fall asleep try as hard as i could. And so i did the 'Tahajud' or the night prayer non obligatory but carries much weight none the less if one is looking for points to gain in terms of getting in the good side of your Maker. Am I becoming religious? Perhaps I am and none too soon if I might add as it is about time that something makes sense in my spiritual practice. As i have mentioned many times before, I am not out to find converts to Islam with my blogging, far be it that i should drag anyone with less understanding that I have of faith and religions into something as strict and often rigid as the religion of Islam, a religion that has become the accused of the international community for being the bedrock of violence and terrorism. No if you by now sense that you are being taken for a ride after having followed this blog for so long, thinking that I have an agenda to lead into having faith in this religion, it is time to find a new blog to entertain yourself with better stories. I have to proceed from here on observing what is for me ahead as I am no longer at the age where i can say i have time on my hand to answer the issues of the after- life, and yes, I am a believer in the fact that I have to answer for deeds in this life when I die, at least my consciousness will have to.
But if you are also seeking for answers towards ll the questions that I have been grappling with throughout this blogging, then let us together move into the unknown and see what lies in the depth our own subconscious minds about matters that only this heart can find for itself. As the saying goes, 'The heart is a lonely hunter', but if to find out the truth for oneself is the very reason of one's existence, then let us proceed along this path with caution and determination, take no answers for granted and become enlightened into knowing who you truly are in the scheme of things or how you fit in other than the fact that you are a lawyer or a doctor or an artist or an engineer or the fact that you are an American or an Indian, a Chinese or a Porto Rican. Beyond the fact that you are Muslim or a Christian, a Bahai or a Zen Buddhist, for all these are merely your coat of arms, your uniforms, your race and religions, your personalities and none of which is truly, wholesomely who you truly are; none of these are permanent. They are all subject to change, they are what you have been conditioned with in order that you may fit into the whole, the unified field of infinite possibilities.
Every man, woman and child has a role to play just as every microbe and dinosaurs had theirs in this universe but man is the only creature that has the capabilities to think 'out of the whole (box) and create for himself a whole universe if he chooses to, it is within his consciousness if he so desires and has awakened to it. The powers of the human consciousness is still being studied in its infancy stage by scientists and mystique alike all over the world.
I am sure there will come a day when man will eventually figure out the whole jig saw puzzle of this that we call our existence and how we are all interconnected to one another beings and materials alike, but till then, the likes of Hitler and Atilla, Idi Amin and Mao, to name a few great men of history that today would include Netanyahu will have some reckoning to do with That Which really runs the 'Whole' show. if one had any doubt about the'That' before, it is now indubitable simply because 'Humanity Itself for what it is worth have 'Willed it so'. This is the power of Collective Consciousness, it is the Unified Field of Quantum Physics Itself. From the man kneeling in the desert of the Gaza to the man sitting in the Zendo in Kyoto, from the man raising his eyes to the heavens in the Gila mountains in New Mexico to the those pilgrims rotating by the millions the Ka'Bah in Mekah, all these minds set out consciousness into the Universe and throughout the ages this has been practiced and has kept the survival of the Homo Sapiens from being sucked into oblivion by ignorance, this is the power that has been Willed and it is called 'God', by some and Allah by others and Yaweh and Elohim and Brahman and even some claims it to be called the Buddha. However by whatever name you may call it, rest assured that It is the power that Be as is said in the Qur'an, Kun Faya Kun! Be and It Is!
Today more than at any time in history, the human race is under attack from all sides and every angle seen ans unseen, heard and unheard and there is so much suffering around the globe that man has become comfortably numb to its presence; we are living in abject denial. But there is still a light at the end of this dark tunnel that we are crawling into, there is a chance that we will see the end of it in a more positive nature as there more and more of us awakening from our stupor and lackadaisical slumber. Human intelligence is getting more and more humane in its analysis of the whole human predicament and are becoming wiser to the cause and effect of our trials and tribulations. Mankind is acknowledging the fact that there are those who are unscrupulous in their desires to commit attrocities in the effort to garner power for the few to rule the many. These are the forces of evil, the dark nature of humanity the dross of the human equation that is out to destroy the planet if they cannot gain total control of it and they are the 'Gods or War and Famine".The merchant of violence and decadence, the Anti-Christ, the Dajal and the Mara, however no matter how evil they may appear , in principal they too are the creations of our Collective consciousness, of God, of Allah, etc. As such they cannot do absolute damage unless they are given the mandate to do so by you and me.

"The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so simple and so obvious, and yet everybody rushes around in a great panic, as if it was necessary to achieve something  Beyond themselves."
                                                                                                        Alan Watts, You Are It.-  You Tube.

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