Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3 Years in Sendai - 26- More sketches done in Sendai

A Haiku written by my friend Mr. Reichiro can't remember what it says now.

My business card while living in Sendai. black and white written on transparent paper.

A discription of my trip to Tokyo on the Shinkansen or the Bullet train.
.Seated priest Yuiken by Chokei or Jokei of the  Nambokucho period 1372. The mastery of wood sculptures in Japan is unsurpassable. 
These were wooden sculptures done of the three guardian deities or Deva Kings of the Buddhist icons as practiced in Japan.

This was a head gear belonging to a Shogun's Armor.

Sketched from a scroll or Hui Neng,  Bankei and Dharuma

'Utawaase' or poetry contest at Toboku-in held by people of various professions. Kamakura Period 14th Century.

Animal caricatures found on scrolls. It tells the folklore of stories where animals takes on human nature ans characters. 

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