Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Farewell to Timo- Gala House.

What would Jesus do in moment like these? Most probably do nothing, let it take its course and simply be present to be of service if and when needed but no sense in banging my head against some mad bugger's wall and suffering migraines and emotional drain. Jesus, i feel would say let it go, and just be present to what unfolds and this means less interference, less attachment to, less clinging on to what is impermanent, what is not eternal. Jesus would most probably say to me to move on and keep moving into the lightness of being - being who I am.

Timo leaves later tonight for KL and then to Switzerland, and how time flies when you are busy being here and getting to know and appreciate a culture for the last two months. To get to know the country and its people through you personal experiences alone is worth the journey and how it opens your mind if not your heart towards the plight of others is an added bonus. However leaving behind a Mural on the wall at Gala House is an award and you have done well. I am happy to see that you have grown in character even in this very short visit. You have touched your brother and sister's heart and they look up to you in return at the very least you know now that you are not alone, you have someone who cares for you and cared by you.
As all good things must come to an end, this too will pass and we will go our separate ways continuing on our own personal journeys doing the best that we can at what love to do the best.

You will leave behind some new friends you have made here in Georgetown and in Terenggnau, people whose heart you touched and they yours despite the language and cultural barriers, I hope you understand the meaning of relationship with others like your cousin who make the Roti Nana at his coffee shop across from my twin brohter's house in Marang, Kuala Terengganu. O my friends at the Awi's Yellow House in Pulau Duyung, Terenggnau or those friends you met at the Western food restaurant on Pulau kapas and the Sungai Pinang Food Court in Penang. Not to forget the owners and staff of the Gala House who has accepted you as one of them. These are gifts from the journey that you have taken the initiative to act upon, you made it happen.I hope you will go on making all the effort to leave your home  and see the world and all it has to offer. I hope this trip you have taken is only the beginning of many more even if it is to other countries.
I know you have learned from the mistakes you have made too and these i hope will help to strengthen your character as you move along in life. I hope you too will become a captain of your ship wherever you sail, the horizon is always there to explore and to create many more horizons in your mind. I bid you farewell and will no doubt miss you when you are gone, but I have had a good time being here with you. Have a good trip son.
Whenever you are having a tough time in your life, reflect upon the good times and know this too will pass...


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nature's Aesthetic wonder.

Taking a stroll up steam I came upon some enchanting beauties hanging from branches above me. They are most probably not edible but they led colors to the forest around them and little niches hidden among rocks and bushes.

More often than not we overlook these simple beauties while being most of the time thinking of things not there, liuke is there a tiger lurking around the corner, or I wish so and so were here too.
When looking at a scenery and with the intention of taking a snap shot I would frame it such that the foregriund complements the back drop. I let the camera do the adjustments and produce the little surprises of light and dark and the tonal values of colors.

One must never be tired of finding the beauty in nature for as long as one loves.

The spirit of interdependence and coexistence bring together the hard and the soft, the rough and the smooth together.

Sometimes even a flower cam appear threatening in its appearance., this one reminds me of a centipede or some venomous maega bug.

Oh, the Rain, When will it come?

The water level came right up to where I am standing when I was first here in  December-January. This was where I set up my first camping out for the trip which started back then. Is the climate change an issue in our lives? Take a close look at what is happening around us..We holld true that the dam will replenish itself when the rains come, when it comes.

The draught is far from over yet or so it seems and many here are talking or the El Nino effect in the very near future which would again change the weather which will effect the water levels on this Muda Dam. This is what sustains practically the northern region of the country and at the rate it is receding, there should long have been a cause for concern and i hope the realtad authorities are aware of the need to upgrade the water conservation  standards of these dams. 

Part of the explanation of why this dam water level is low is because this dam feeds water to lower Pedu Dam which is located close by. hence the water level at Pedu dam is being replenish all the time by the Muda Dam which is located at higher elevation.

A Beautiful young lady wondering what her future would be like if she keeps hanging around this place. I feel for her and I hope she will find her longing.

Sitting among friends. It is a blessing to be accepted wherever you are and this is worth the journey took to get there. You are not merely a customer who comes and goes but one of them. You touch their hearts and they yours sharing a moment of smiles and laughter's; Malay women are reserved by nature.

What i discover at SRI LOVELY.

What influence the shape and colors of nature. Who chose the texture and sizes to be so perfect in composition for such a simple form as a flowering plant. 

There is no beauty more elegant than a blooming flower.

Transformation happens, metamorphosis takes place form one stage to the next as nature evolves, nothing is permanent.

To think not too long ago these were once seedling in the ground and in tha span of two months they have rpoduced more than can be eaten.

Nature sometimes with the help of bugs and worms creates some extraordinary modern art of its own. If you take your time you will see so many intricate as well as abstract forms existing in nature. 

This vegetable patch of Ladies Fingers or also known as Okra, is the effort of one we call Pa'Tam who is a school teacher at the nearby school. Pa'Tam and his wife who is also a teacher are among the most dedicated members of the Organic farm community. I admire their dedication.

Healing through Being in Nature

Nature itself is healing, to out as close to nature as possible is to return to your own natural state, (of mind). It reminds me of how fragile I am compared to these creatures.

How rancous and noisy the ducks are like they are constantly shouting to one another warning each other not to venture too close to the scrabbling siakap feeding in frenzy.

What do we do with all these fishes other than feed them every day twice a day? We sit and watch them gracefully swim with their bright colors lending beauty to the pond. An important ingredient in mantaining a natural lnascpe is to ensure that there is space for nature to express all its glories any any given time of the day through the most simplest of forms. 

The Sony Digital Camera I am using takes very good pictures and it makes taking pictures a whole lot simpler; I feel like I am one with it when I take a shot or half me half the camera is capturing what my subconscious mind sees.I always establish a very intimate relationship with my cameras all those i had before this one which is a gift from my brother Lee.

The last time I saw this hen she had lost all her six chicks eaten by the grey cat that had gone feral. The cat is no where to be seen and the rooster is a new comer.

Embarrassingly  enough I had taken a pee outside my hut in the middle of the night and waking up in the morning I discovered that the butterflies were having a good gathering for breakfast.

The lonely goat all dressed up with plenty to eat but nowhere to go.

When was the last time you held a duck in your arms?

A Butterfly convention somewhere else up along the river..

It's all the Limitless One - Mooji's Satsang

It's all the Limitless One. The Complete consciousness.

Allmost all the time this i am is contacting the mind, is going to the mind  and at least you begin to see this and  you begin to see influence of associating with the mind, but don't give up!

The feeling, the natural  feeling of being inside this body, the sense I exist ,it is common to all that exist, it' is present in all sentient beings'

  It is the voice of the consciousness, not just the words i exist, the intuition, the feeling of presence, the way in which you know you are alive, nobody gave it to you, it just is present, it is the voice of the  life-force and the consciousness is saying I Am! This position is inside. Only after this arises, then perception, of otherness can come. This is the earliest manifestation of the absolute in the dance of multiplicity. This must first be there. The original seed, the seed of existence. The feeling I am or I is synonimous with that, it's identical, you are to know this.

 When you say I, I is consciousness, It is the godly principle in the form it is already there., but it reveals itself in the waking state and in the dreaming state when consciousness is available it manifest itself as  I. I and consciousness , they are one., know that. The root of the personality is the consciousness.
Without consciousness there is nothing, no perception, nothing can be tasted, not even the sense of existence, will be there for don't have to go somewhere to find consciousness,, that is foolishness, because the very eyes that yo9u feel is itself consciousness.

The sense I am is already there with you,, unsupported, it is there, but it has a tendency or a reflex to identify itself as the body, and you must watch this. Trey to isolate the feeling, I am. and don't let it contact any other concept, believe, memory, intention, desire,, attachment, images, Keep it by itself, just a feeling of being.

This is the real source and being of I, it is consciousness, and it is formless, but when it is in the body, it starts to believe I am the body be aware of it and  leave it don't identify with it. Tihs I am the body feeling is appearing in the consciousness itself, just feel the natural sense, I am.

I am That, I am.

A thought cannot think itself, it must come from somewhere, you.

All that is required is you as the consciousness is completely in the present, wherever you are.
What if there is no 'next'?' What is this moment?

So long as you have a strong sense of identity, you need to investigate, what am I feeling? 

Discover who is the thinker of this thought,ad infinitum.

                                                           Brain can be identified, Mind is only thought. If you are witnessing yourself , who is the witness?