Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Alam Ghaib" - The supernatural world.

Imagine how an almost discarded piece of plywood can be transformed into an RM80.000 painting!  It is all up to your imagination and the ability to use colors.
Started off iwht the use of Acrylic, drip, drip!

Itroducing the painting to Tan Sri Azman Hashim

Can you see the Jins and hantus lurking around on the painting. This piece of work was done at the MGTF museum aometimes late at night and it was kinda spooky sometimes like I was being watched as i worked. I ket talking to the invisible telling them to just watch and no trouble please.
My brother Lee and son being forced to pose at the MCAT exhibirion at the Penang State Art Museum, Georgetown, Penang.
Receiving the letter of Appreciation for donated works to MGTF - USM.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Ah, So!

At the summit of the Titiwangsa Mountain Range.
 Time to look within, dive deeper into the Now the 'actually' what is happening Now me. I am beginning to realize how much my thoughts want to hang around me, be me in every moment of my  life; I have become a living thinking machine, a bio-computer a cyborg of some genetic engineering to allow me to function from multi-dimensional leaps of quantum faith I am a walking zombie and I don't know it , acting accordingly just like the rest of the zombie race. All because I made an all out effort  not tot think, (too much). Most of what I've just written made as much sense to me as it would to you who read them, but it carries deeper meanings than I can explain, Sometimes I feel the ending of my life approaches quite near and at these times and moments when I am in the right place at the right time I am able to write it all as it happens and is happening. I owe it to myself to keep track as close as possible as to how far or how hear i am my journey's end; I would like to leave me behind a legacy in the form of a rambling of a'  mind dominated entity; the journey of complete awareness, effortless mindless awareness of being where I am at at this moment in time.
Yesterday evening I learned the lesson about being able to destroy before being able to create, non-attachment to anything and everything is as equally important, I learned this after I reworked on one of my "Space Art Series", which I was struggling with for many months now. I am happy with what  I finished wit, it is now hanging over my bed. The pains of not having a camera is killing me! Carpe Diem!! The moment is lost in terms of visual values as i should have been recording my progress all along on camera at the very least. But...shit happens and who is to blame but myself for the lack of awareness in misplacing the camera my son bought me in Dubai! My bad! So now that I look back and reflect upon the shit that has happened i am beginning to see myself drifting ever deeper into the clinging on to, the need to, have this or that for things to happen and I am hard on myself on shit like these. I carry the cross of every thought I make and they ride on my back fro m the day I started to think. My tediously boring Blogging is my testimony to my long journey towards understanding of who I am and what makes it happen for me.I write like an addict who needs to expel his demons through words, thoughts and ideas in an effort to make sense out of non-sense; my life has been an experiment involving many lives for better of for worse; I loved every single creature I have met along my sixty odd years of my life even those I had hated at one time or another, I have accepted all my sins and am blessed to have met them and am meeting and will continue on meeting till the day I die.
Relationship is what makes life for us I have come to fully accept this as a deep rooted cause of suffering among the human race; I fail to communicate! Through  a healthy and creative, caring and conscious sense of openness towards all beings in return I find peace within for on every face that I see is a face of Hope and Faith in the One Collective Consciousness : call It what you may; I call It, Allah(S).By writing this at the moment I am confirming my faith to the witness of many who stumble upon my blog; this is one of my primary purpose in writing this on going blog. I find my peace in my Lord the Great, the Al-Mighty, the Compassionate and Merciful. As of this moment I renounce everything that is consumed or ingested that i know to be against the Syariat of Allah: I quit all my bad habits. I will make very effort to become e true Muslim; I will prepare to meet death. If I die let me Lord, die with my faith in You.
I am still who I am in my own space and time but I am no more, as who I think I am. I will go on making mistakes and feeling sorry for myself and give in to my old negative habits but I I will act out the rest of my life with the realization  that this is who I am! Take it or leave it, only God matters. I surrender my will to Him, He is the Actor I am merely a puppet on His string, I will dance to His tune and promote Him for salvation of one's (soul?)
Now that I know who I am and where i stand with my Maker, (doubtful), where do i go from here? Not where, how do i get there, not how but being there all at the same time; ever in the Lord's presence; To stay in the complete Now and no matter what transpires to remain in the present in body mind and spirit is to behold the 'being' in the presence of the divine within. I am not there but in moments like this i am there; and I am no more, (there).
So on I goo..with my writing about nothing of concern or any particular interest in the days and age when no one like to read anymore, not if they can help it and they try discuss all about the Art of Relationship.What is my relationship to my self? To God? to my fellow man, my wife my child? what is my relationship to humanity? Who am I? What is my purpose? How do I serve as  servant of GOD? Now do I understand the Bodhisatva's  Vows and Virtues in the warf and woof of life as I walk through the valley in the realm of the zombies; I am the servant and I am out to become an enlightened servant of , Allah!, (Insha'Allah.).
If it all makes no sense, don't let it worry you, it makes just as much sense to me too.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

On "Al -Qaeda" By Jason Burke

                                                                                      Says the - Evening Standard


  My old buddy David who presently is basking in Eisenada, Mexico, had posted this catchy sign at a bus stop in an American town somewhere. I am referring to it even as I am writing this. Way to go right David?, let us load a few more ignorance and delusions on to the collective spirit, why not, we have the means.That sign cost someone or the government itself some money to have it well done and how many of these catchy signs can we afford to put up all over our city? 'Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills, and every where! Go tell it on the mountain to let my people, from a Jewish song; yes let us keep telling it as it is so long as we can.
 After having read one third of the book, AlQaeda by Jason Burke I have to raise my hat to the man who put his life against all odds to capture the truth about Islamic Militancy, the whys and hows and the possible means to help heal the crack in the collective human spirit through better understanding. It takes some reading and the patience to stay with the loads of events that covers what it is Islamic Militancy is all about; you have to bring all your own understanding prior to reading the book to reflect when and where you had acted on here-say and media fed information alone. The amount of work Jason Burke must have invested into his work must be short of what is 'Jihad'. If a Muslim he definitely qualifies to the 72 vested virgins;
What I am beginning to understand from reading the book is the brief history of the conflicts in the modern Middle and Eastern Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and all the way to Indonesia; the uprising of Muslim Militancy how it came to be has never been quite clear to me. Burke has helped to narrow down the large screen to a clearer insight into the root of what is presently the Modern Muslim world.
 It is a miracle that Burke has not converted himself to Islam having spent so much time and energy into discovering its inner workings from so many different perspective other than why Muslims are terrorists. If you have a choice of being dominated over by communism  or by Islam which would you choose? History has given you ample time and periods of both these ideologies or religions, their success and their failures; which would stand up against time? Which is more a menace? Perhaps communism itself is no more a threat today than more sinister apparitions out there making things happen beyond my knowledge. cooperation's and conglomerates, Clandestine entities aspiring to dominate the world..yada...yada..! We have become victims of our own self deluded thinking mind and as such we live ultimately in Fear and ignorance and we disguise these with bad tasting humor not awakened to the fact that what we do helps to reinforce what is already set in motion negative or positively; we are fueling the mind with more garbage for it to digest and regurgitate.
The likes of Ossama Bin laden, and Emiliano Zappata, or Che Guevara and many others to HO Chi Min will always be a stigma in our global history for they were the ones who stirred the pot when it was needed and they helped to keep the human evolutionary changes happen; the human mind needs to be fed constantly by new excitements and craves for more and more experiences... "to go boldly where no man has gone before... to seek out new thoughts and ideas, to fill up empty spaces, to keep from getting bored to death. This is living in the mind-dominated space; this is mental hell. How do we step out of this hell hole? self discovery, self healing and self alignment to the whole the universe, the entities around us the sounds and voices, the birds and the flowers, the roaring traffic and the cry of pain from every soul that is suffering at the present moment in time. When you can touch this space within you ,you will be able to change what is into what you wish for it to be; change happens within us whether we are conscious or unconscious about it.

Finished reading, "Al Qaeda" 'The True Story of Radical Islam' by Jason Burke; very well researched and has the depth that is spiritual in revealing what is the truth of  Muslim Millitancy. An eye opener for those who see Islam through the eyes of CNN and Al jazeera or BBC and Dick Cavet. An eye opener for those Muslims who has stood by and assumed while others took the initiative to act. A few years agao in one or two of my entries I said to myself that i was going to answer the quest posted by the former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohd. " What makes a Terrorist?' Is it poverty? Is it hunger? is it being disenchanted by life itself? Is it for a cause that is wll too clear. is it because one is sick and tried of being kicked around by every Tom Dick and Harry from all wlaks of life, simply because! Why would a sane man want to become a human dynamite and blow up others along with himself, belief? Faith? Insanity?: Why?

" All Millitants explain their own personal, local experiences by reference to one greater truth - that islam is under attack....The Millitants believe they are fighting for a last-ditch battle for the survival of their society, culture, religion and way of life. They believe that the Crusades never ended and that they are now fighting  in a desperate war of self- defence...."
"...They understand,as we in the West alos beleive, that self defence can justify using all sorts of tactics that might be frowned on in other circumstances. They believe as we think too, that they are figghting to preserve their lives, socities and culture.."
"Currently millitary power is the default, the weapon of choice. In fact the greatest weapon available on the war war on terrorism, is the courage, decency, humoor and itegrity of the vast proportion of the 1.3 billion Muslims. It is this that is restricting the spread of Al Qaeda and its warped worldview, not the activities of counter terrorists experts or millatary strategists.It is this that, as Ilamic terrorism grows more and more fragmented, we need most. Without it we are lost. There is indeed a battle between the West and men like bin laden. But not a battle for global supremacy. It is a battle for hearts and minds. And it is a battle we, and our allies in the Muslim world are losing.
                                                   Al Qaeda by Jason Burke  (pg. 288, conclusion)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sights worth stopping for along the Way...

I had always wanted to take a picture of this piece of rock every time i passed this way and this time I did. It is located somewhere near Gua Musang a small town in Kelantan just as you start to drive up the mountain range towards the West Coast. 
The Kancil at the mercy of the Tiger as she was parked by the gate of the Military camp nearby the River at Gua Musang.
This scene is one of those scenes kept taking through my visit to this place called Cendering, about six miles form Kuala Terengganu. The island in the horizon is Pulau Kapas and i island that i practically spent every weekend diving at as Ai was growing up a teenager in the East Coast. The was not even a house on the island back then and we were the fortunate few other than fishermen who had excess to it.

At the summit of the Mountain range of Titiwangsa the view is always awesome, that is if you are not tired or half asleep or need to pee more than concern for the roadside attractions. I never fail to imagine myself wandering around below in the thick forest what would it be like?
Here is Pulau Kapas again or Cotton Island if we w ere to interpret it directly. Notice the small PASS political flags floating above the water in the near distance. click on the picture to enlarge.
These two sunset pics were taken at a place north of Kotab Bharu which i forgot the name but it was taken at the sun was setting over the South China Sea.
Cendering again, notice the flags located on top of the tree and in to the back ground on top of the hill.
A clever try to capture the strength of the flowers against the storm clouds in the distance.
I took the ferry across from the Mainland to the Island in Penang and this cargo vassal was sitting there and so I took a shot just to feel like I am home on my own turf.
This fishing boats and the riverine scene was taken in Marang and it was to remind me that I had driven all the way to this place just because i needed to take pictures of Flags!~Political flags.
The Old Ferry still chugging along sounding allot worse for wear. it is still the symbol of Penang after KOMTAR. that tall phallic symbol in the background.

Artis Favorites Exhibition.- A tribute to the late Encik Fadzil

A gentleman Artist
Dropped by the Penang State Art Gallery on Mc.Calister Road and and spent two hours all alone viewing the newly mounted exhibition Artist Favorites 2? what ever! Saw some very high quality works and felt very moved by this fact. Kudos!! Penang Aritsts! I am proud to have one my works in there alongside yours. Well done hanging the works! It was strange how much different it seems when I viewed the works without my dark glasses on than when I was not. With the glasses I See the three dimensionality of the works that the artist most probably saw too in his final touches of his works. Without the glasses I see paint on canvas and my mind start critiquing, judging them, analyzing them, the works in their quality of execution, techniques styles, how far or how near they have achieved the best of their talents.
My dark glasses were specially made for me by son in Dubai and one of the things he told the guys at the counter , My dad is an artist and he needs good eye sights.It is also good for driving at night where the glare of the on coming traffic can be overwhelming, these glasses filter all the excess glare and dim the city lights, is becomes almost subdued silence that the mind see. I drove all the way to the east coast at night from Penang to Kuala terengganu across the Bintang Ranges and the Titiwangsa alone in the dark , me and my Kancil, thanks to the glasses for idiots who does not know common courtesy in lowering their highlights for on coming traffic; the glasses took most of the glare and a good visibility still maintained than otherwise.

Back to the show, my piece entitled "The Nipple" , (nebula in the subconscious mind)or something like that is also there and I am proud of seeing my work included among the contemporary artists of Penang.There is no doubt many great works more so the I have seen before in any previous shows; I was humbled. I felt the collective strength of the creative minds living in and around the Penang Island; it is awakening. "the Nipple" my piece was done with acrylic and oil on plywood and it was first started during the MCAT exhibition at the same location of this Museum two years ago? Now it hangs 'finished' although not properly framed as it should have been as promised... and this was why I was there at the museum in the first place, I was there to ask about the status towards getting paid for my painting that the museum had agreed to buy. I was going to find out what was the long delay other than committee meetings and signing of cheques. That was why I drove to the Museum that fateful morning but Allah had better plans, instead of knowing where the status is at He wanted me to really take a closer look at works of Art and feel the creative energy that it takes to manifest each and every piece of work.
I was very much impressed needles to say of the works produced for the "Artist Favourites" exhibition at the Penang State Art Gallery on Mc.Calister Road. I would encourage all teachers of institutions to visit the show when it is in progress, it is worth the time and cost. It should be made mandatory for colleges and Institutions of Higher learning's to encourage their students if not insist that they visit the show. This show represents Penang Fine Arts at its best across the board. A conglomerate of ethnic, cultural and religious representation of art works revealing in many cases their maturity in creativity, in the handling of materials and the spiritual touch of hidden messages to heal the mind.(viewers).
I did not learn more than I already know about getting paid for my art work bought by the Gallery as almost all the staff has gone to Sarawak for the "Museum Day" event. As I could not meet with the actual person I let my feelings go on to the staff that was there which was not fair by a long shot but i apologized and they understood and (I hope they do!) and tell their bosses! I did felt a whole lot better though after letting off my tirade about integrity and office efficiency , yad...aydda! I felt lighter and drove to the MGTF with a better feeling and so I write this blog.
Yes i wish I had my camera with me it would have creamed the cake and I could share some pics here instead but hey! Shit Happens!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Looking away from pain.

Just dropped off my daughter at the bus station for her trip back to Cyberjaya - University Multi Media (MMU) and jst before she left she showed me a text message from her roommates complaining of getting eaten alive by bugs, ranging from mosquitoes, cat fleas, bed bugs, mites; still no determination made which. So the cat Olly is the culprit or so it seems and my daughter is left to deal with the issue in her mind  while travelling all the way back to her apartment shared with a few young ladies. There are the dramas in life to be expected as we grow and interact with others especially those we care most about. Most of our miseries seems to be brought upon us by ourselves like the raising of a cat in an apartment full of girls! I hope my daughter can deal with the situation with skillful means and greater more adult understanding than getting sucked into petty squabbles between friends who have spent many years growing up together through schools.

                                              We just Voted! Indelible ink proof. Who did i voted for? Ha! Ha!

Marissa had put in fifteen hours of work a day since she arrived at the China House on Beach Street in Georgetow where two Australian ladies ran the place as part of the Bon Ton hotels chain. It is a high class establishment with good Western Food and Ambiance. Marissa has been working with the establishment ever since they had set up their operation in Georgetown and has the confidence of the owners so much so that she is allowed to work there every time she is back in Penang. I got to know the young adults who work the place from bar tenders to clean up guys and all are most friendly and respectful of me while I sat and draw at the table every time i picked her up from work It is pleasant to watch them run about serving customers or teasing among each other while at work.I am glad that Marissa has been able to stay with Bon Ton - China House for quite a few years now and learned the tricks of the trade which also help in her self confidence. She has made many good friends at the place which makes it like a retreat for her to rejuvenate her energies with 'Real' people whenever she comes home.

There' s shrimps under the News papers! A Modern Malay saying.
At home it is like living in an oven in the day time and incessant traffic noises as the house is located at one of the most busy junction. I sometimes feel suffocated with the whole environment but i managed to work with it by staying most of my time at the Museum like I am a paid employee while enjoying the air conditioned office space and the availability of the PC which I share with one of the staff members. and it has been more than five years now as this blogging can testify. I sleep late in the morning and take a little nap whenever i can but stay up till early in the morning doing my stuff outside by the dining space where ample lightnings and table and chairs are readily available. This is when there is peace and quiet with hardly any traffic and no one to bother me. I usually read and meditate, do my art and work out my ta Chi and breathing exercisers. This has been my life mostly between home and the Museum. In the evening i would drop by the Taman Sadon Food Court and have tea and a bite to eat while hanging out with one of my close friends who sells 'Kueh' (like sweets) there. I know most of the people there as i have been frequenting the place over the years, Later on the way home i would drop by the 'Pondoks' by the sea where I would take it easy winding down sitting in one of the fisherman's huts built on stilts over the water contemplating life and resting from the humdrum of the city.
More floors are being added for further expansion into the sea; this is the symbolic fate of the Penang Malays; driven out into the sea. None to blame really but the Malays themselves in more than one way they sold the land right from under the feet of the citizensc           - or at least those they have been electing to run their lives for over fifty years - the snakes and the monitor lizards.
The Malays in Penang owe it to themselves to pull out of this rut they are in and the sooner the better and as not too many Malays were elected from the Opposition party (the BN) the wellbeing of their future is signed and sealed; in Penang; in the Chinese' hands.(for now). I do not see anything wrong with it as a matter of fact it is a hidden blessing for them as only patience will tell. Having close friends who are Chinese and having grown up among the penang born Chinese, i dare safely say the Malays in Penang are in safe hands if they can see better instead of acting out of ignorance or influences.

The Chinese on the other hand will have to come to a term with themselves with regards to the fate of the Penang Malays; how to coexis for the benefit of one and all. For over fifty years Penang residents have existed alongside of each other perhaps a whole lot more if we were to lokk all the way back to our first generation of Penangites. Our forefathers and mothers forged this State, this island into what it is today. It is imperative that the Penang Chinese will 'care' for their Malay counterpart and so too the Indians; to act otherwise will spell a long term disaster for us in all forms; we will never attain peace. We suffer in the meantime economically, environmentally, mentally and physically simply because those who we had elected to care for us had let us down;Badly. Now we have a new chapter of Governance for the Nation let us see how they fare compared to their predeccesors. Will they too drift into the pit falls of Greed -Hate - and Ignorance like those before them. Will the newly elected leaders keep to their vows of serving the people or will they forget and become self serving just like the many before them?
                                          Let us Learn from The Masters, let not their knowledge and wisdom go to waste. Their chilvalry and honesty, their skillfull means in handling our affairs all these years too must be acknowledge and given a favorable space in our history and this espccially those who had been the Leaders of the Opposition.  H>H.The Yang di Pertuan Agung should offer to these individuals their highest titles as offered direct from the peaople to these men who had been a intergral part of our nation building. THis is Not an offer made by the Government or any Ruler of States, this is the wish of the People. Do I need to start a campaign on this?

Rambling to Myself.

I don't know why and I do not which to even know why, but the more one try to be honest and accepting of others the less one feels good about oneself -  at least these last few days. I have been acting up all kinds of dramas in my mind one replacing another plot by plot episode by episode; it is like Astro in my head. Where am I? Who am I? Why am I, I am that I am? Severing the umbilical chord from the external world to that of the inner, from the material to the spiritual from the seen to the unseen is much more harder than the severance of the umbilical chord that attached you to your mother; the world of Maya, (illusion)
To live life in full awareness is like being awakened into a nightmare, indeed you see the madness humanity is headed towards from seeing how you yourself are also have been drifting along in this Mayavic Realm of consciousness, not seeing that which is Reality and that which is illusion, that which is sacred and that which is profane. I am and have been always riding the train towards Ultimate - Complete in Awakening for most of my life, often not realizing it. I am in the process of metamorphosing from the larvae into the butterfly and I will crawl out of this cocoon of existence and fly in rainbow of colors into the clear blue  skies. I am, That I am!

GE13 - The Day of Reckoning -The aftermath.

I was watching the results being announced of the General Election along with another Malay artist friend Shaparel at my brother Lee Khai's residence. One of the intriguing fact that i observed was the fact that it took almost six hours for the counting of votes to be completed which is a very long time by any standard. Then there was the shocker results that places where the opposition were positive of winning slipped into the BN hands by very narrow margins and then the overall loss of the opposition which spell another five years of long complete denial with corruption and abuse of powers. Change is not going to happen in the near future. If here is going to be any changes it will have to happen from within BN itself.
I am thankful for the fact that the election went through withou any major riots or bloodbath which many fear might happen given the unhealthy atmosphere of the General Election. Now that BN has on the overall election it is back to the same old grind of wondering what would have been had the Opposition taken over the country. As a Malaysian I feel a loss of opportunity for the nation to do its 'Spring Claning' without any blood spilled or major disruption to the economy. I am proud that the Penang people the Malays, Chinese and Indians are able to unite in delivering yet another strong message to the rest of the country; Yes it is time for change.
Those who have plundered the wealth of the nation over the decades rule by BN can yet again take a sigh of relief as they are safe from being prosecuted if the opposition had won. The amount of money spent by the BN election campaign machinery's must be phenomenal the least to say and one don't have to look deeper than the amount of flags and buntings distributed for the purpose of a psychological impact and not to mention the free bees in terms of T-Shirts and caps, the dinners and lucky draws that were included in some areas. Perhaps this is normal in times of campaigning in order to win the people's mindset especially those who live in the rural areas and are less exposed to the social changes happening in the more urban areas.
It is no doubt that the opposition felt cheated by the final outcome and is up in arms to prove this as the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has vowed to make it his political. 'jihad'. But life goes on as far as the Rakyat or people are concern and the winner takes the cake, yet again and the looser has to live and fight another day. The people have woken up at least a great percentage are snapped into consciousness by the the so called " Chinese Tsunami" as coined by the incumbent Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak. The Malays at least are shaken for better or worse, awaken from their slumber in their comfort zones of practically living in denial and exploitation and corruption as pointed out by the former PM Tun Mahathir, "The Malays are Greedy!" It is something anathema to their religious belief in Islam. But greed comes in all kinds of guises and shades which we every so often fail to recognize until it has become like and addiction. The greed for wealth, fame and power, the greed for control over others the greed of not being able to share what is excess and the wanting for more. As there are billions of stars in the skies more than enough to go around for the whole planet's population if each and every man women and child were to be given one each, we will still not be satisfied and would try to own more, grasping, clinging and clambering for more.
It is time to move on regardless as far as I am concern as the country needs to lick its wounds from the political skirmishes, it is time to take very close count of what needs to be done to rectify and reconcile, to tend to the continuation of Nation building. It is time to not regress and it is time to lay down all the political rhetoric's and concentrate on the the formation of a Transparent and Effective Governance as what the people ask for when they casted the ballots.
I hope it wil not become another long battle of Egos as Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Tun Razak manage the nation into the future, I hope a truce be made for the sake of the nation and the smooth run of the country be made a priority. I hope the likes of Tun Mahathir and Dato Nik Aziz of Kelantan will bow out graciously and let the newly formed cabinet of ministers do their job. I hope that all petty grievances related to the errors made human or otherwise be overlooked by all and sacrifices be made towards not adding to the already volatile situation we have braved through; otherwise it will all come to nothing. Patience is a virtue still highly admired by all religions and beleif systems. Change will occur if within your hearts you have felt the change; you cannot change the world without chnaging yourself first.

Monday, May 13, 2013

So after all the hoopla I am back to square one where life is concern, financially broke, mentally stagnant and physically aches and pains from old age setting in. it takes a great deal these days to get up and motivate myself to get anything done. My daughter has come home from the University for a short break and my car decided to have an alternator issue costing me 200RM which i had to borrow from my cousin much as i hated to do so., but... life goes on and the show must go onnn..

Much talk about politics still buzzing around the coffee shops and pondoks, but i am saturated with all the in formations from both the pros and cons so i just listened with no- mind. I doubt that my thoughts would have much effect on this matter anymore but i am thankful that there was no major outbreak of violence; it is not over yet however and at the rate things are happening who knows where it will all lead to.It is Sunday and after sending Marissa to work like she always does whenever she is back in Penang I decided to do some painting and am glad i came here as it keeps me busy and not get wrapped up into entertaining my woes.
I am expected to go to a wedding of one of my nephews,( my twin brother's youngest boy) in Kuala Lumpur sometime next week but am ambivalent about going.  As mentioned before I am broke yet again, and furthermore I am not too keen on making an appearance  at my twin brother's big event which has its own reasons but damn  if i do and damn if i dont'. I don't even have any idea how many grand nephews and nieces i already have thus far in my family as most are out of touch and rarely do i get to see them so much so that nowadays i don't really give a damn anymore. I have instilled into my children's minds that they hold respect for their elders no matter what family drama they hear from them and I am glad to find that they have taken my advice.

Last night a thief broke in our house and took Karim's lap top and His Blackberry hand phone, his cousin's hp and wallet, thank god he missed my daughter's newly bought lap top.  Karim place a trace on his Blackberry and discovered it to be close to where we live but not the exact house as the area is made up low cost flats like the Ghetto. So it is like when it rains it pours. I feel sorry for my son as it is his second Blackberry to be stolen, the second one is actually mine but hey have children someday and let me know if you would do otherwise when your son takes over your stuff. It is better that they abscond your things for their own than they not having anything to do with you or your stuff.

And There were Flags everywhere

Macang, Kelantan on the way to Terengganu
Macang, Kelantan
To most the General Election was like another time for festivities except that the politicians would not let it be so..
Most lack imagination in flag display but size is what mattered.
Some just simply just did a slapstick job of making it look worse than it already is.
There are those who had to make a more creative statement reflecting the culture of the people.
Then there places where the seemed not enough space to hang all the flags and it came out to look like ticker tpae parade.
 Wherever they were found, the flags brought colors to the environment.
It was aesthetic beauty that took me three days and nights to drive from Penang to Terengganu and to Kota Bharu in Kelantan and later back to Penang.
Georgetown was more inundated by the One Malaysia flags than any others; Barisan Nasional (BN) went all out to paint the town Blue.
This is a sight one rarely see except when comes the General Election time in Malaysia.
Off Jalan Lim Chong Eu or the Jelutong Highway.
Cant seem to place where this was.