Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Monday, my off day!

My son called from school said he is sick, I told him there's not much I can do as I have no transportation to get him home so he cycled home. Replied my mother in law's mail sending her three fax numbers for her to send me the forms authorizing her to bury or cremate my wife if and when she leaves this life. I have a busy weekend as my niece got married and everyone in my family came from all over the country. It was great to see most of them and a pain to avoid the few.
Work is still the same with the boss still in the limelight being a Dick Head giving everyone else grief for no go reasons and resulting in a number of losses of good emloyees. I thought after being taken ill and spending a few days in the hospital he would change a bit in his personality but apparently not, the Almighty Ego still rules. It is sad that from my personal experiences for the past seven years since my return here to find that the Malays cannot make a good thing last without crapping on the last lag. As much as I would like to turn my attention away from it all and merely exist in the shadows or the fringe of what is going on I cannot help but feel obligated to voice my opinion whenever things fets to become too stupid for even the dummy in me to ignore.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

message from Alma regarding Nancy

Nancy has been doing very well with the exception that her conversation cannot be understood. Shae dosn't know I am and cant follow instructions. However last week she had a seizureand another one early Thursday morning. She was taken to the hospital after every seizure. They are giving her medicationand hope to find something that will help eliminate the problem.
This gets me thinking that something else could happensuddenly with no warning and that she could'nt recover.
Do you have excess to a fax machine? I don't have but have excess to one.The reason for this is if she would suddenly leave us I would need a signature on a form "Authority to Cremate & Request for Disposition" for her Since there is such a great distance between us and my not knowing if I will be around when and if it would happen, I feel it necessary to take care of this now....