Saturday, April 29, 2006

Comes First of May...

Comes Labor day and my show will be launched and I am full of anticipation all these days of trying to get it all together has finally come to fruition and I hope one hell of a fruit it will be. There will be a martial arts demo at the openning and some friends also voluteer to perform some oldies as part of the entertaiment. So far the comments I have been getting has been encouraging from the invitation brochures that I have been handing out.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My whole last entry has failed to enter the blog, oh what a bloody shame so lets see if I am still having bad luck with the blog. Funny how the one outlet that is available for anyone to express himself, share his feelings, scream to be heard is not as reliable anymore and yet we pride ourselves with our technological leaps. Oh the Gods must be crazy! But life has to go on and the story is never ending and has to be told even if it is to nonentities but only to itself, its like looking in a mirror in order to recognize who one is and how much one has changed over time and distances. The Blog is a great idea for those who has the need to look into and out of themselves as it exposses all the hidden hopes and feelings all the strength and weaknesses one has and what more it is being exposed to the world of cyberspace for all to share. One does not have to be a great writer but one might end up becoming one at the end of the day and there is no left to hide once when all the skeletons have been dragged out of the closet and the slime and grime has been scrubbed clean with mindfulness and loving-kindness.
For those who still care to and have the patience to read my blog I am deeply honored and I hope in some small way it helps you to see through your day or make your life a little more brighter. I am sharing a piece of myself everytime i write and likewise I hope that you too will share yours, our lives is slowly merging as we move further and further along univesally. We are becoming strangers no more as we are able to share and compare our thoughts and experiences, our hopes and fears our triumphs and jubilations, we are becoming a collective intelligence. It is through this process that we can overcome our fears and suspicious of what we do not comprehend, we can discover what the other guy is thinking or feeling, what makes one cry or the other laugh from one end of the world to the other and all it takes is just a few minutes of your time and the knowledge of basic computer.
As we move into the future where in most casses and places life hangs in a balance for many we are also experiencing an equally disturbing changes in the supernatural world where the unknown and the phenomenal world are slowly beginnng to merge and the human mind is being led slowly into areas where the taboos and the diabolical phenomenas are becoming a normal thing. Thanks to our prolific writers and researchers and the television. Children and adults alike today are exposed to all kinds of money making horror flicks and where vampires and werewolves are the characters of the day, where Aliens and Terminators do battle for the right to feed on us humans. Hell it is all fiction you say, but ask a child what the word fictions means and the chances are is that the child believes what he sees to be real. At least at the subconcious level the child's mind is registering ugly looking monsters, demons and gory images of inflicted pains, the atrrocities that we inflict upon each other replayed again and again in the form of World Wrestling Federation's wrestle mania! Our children are being desensitized slowly day in day out to accept these anomallies as common experience.
There comes a time when humans are able to see the unseen around us, it is being forewarned in the great books, that Jinns and demons will no more be invisible to our naked eyes. We will be engaged in a battle of keeping the darker sides of our nature and of our existence locked in their clossets but as time marches on we will lose our ability to keep them locked up just as we will not be able to keep our very own sanity intact. Today more than ever our persuit of Greed, Hate and Dellussions, insensitvity to the sacredness of life itself is driving us as a specie in the realm of what is known as Chaos and Anarchy. It is in our ability to come together and create a Collective Human Spirit armed with Love and Understanding, Care and Compassion that we can contain the break of the Dam that is threatening our very existence. As we reach to the very depth of our souls in search for an answer so do we have to reach far out into the ten corners of the Universe to harness all the enrgy we can manifest to check this planet of ours from drifting towards a black hole. We have the very light to light up the Universe within each and every one of us and we can start with enlightening ourselves as individuals. It does not matter how old or how young we are and what color or religion we belong to for the Lord of Power has created us from Hu's devine light.

Monday, April 24, 2006

And the Show Must go on...

So here we are back on the same old star writing th same old songs and with no end to to come, here I am back staring at my-self for where I have been and wherefore am I headed for.I am trying to find a ride to the USM to find out what the status is on my upcoming show but so far its noon and no such luck. Instead i am stuck waiting for my potential ride while she deals with her grand children in the bathroom. Well at least she made me two pices of Chapatis and i enjoyed them with marjerine and sprinkled with sugar. And what more the belated Nescafe-O just arrived and set beside me while I ramble on, should not be complaining actually.
All should be getting along fine with the show if everyone involved gets their job done and by right it should be a pleasent time for everyone at the openning as from what I gather there will be a Martial Arts demo presented by a group of Europeans who have been studying Silat over here. So far i cannot persuade anyone to officiate the oppening at least not anyone with any kind of political clout or with a row of status symbols following their name. Maybe just a waste of their time to spend the labor day weekend officiating an openning of a unknown artist however I have decided that if there is no show I will invite two children who appears at the show to do it for me, small matter really at least I do not have to spend time entertaining just one dignatory and can spread my time with as many in the crowd.

Children are our only hope to right the wrongs of our own creations, children are the future and wrong them and we doom ourselves as a specie on this lonely planet. For those of us who have had our share of the piece of the pie and enjoyed the benifits who having lived a good number of years on this planet have to think of giving back to it what it has given us. It through the children we have helped brought into this world that is our source of salvation, for most of us have screwed up and some real bad. We have to seize being just sperm donors to our children and take resposibility upon those we have brought in to this life. It is never to late to wake up and hug our children and tell them of our love and humanness, our strength and weaknesses, our success and failliures. We have to learn to stop telling them lies and putting stones and guns into the hands, we have to share our love of the world and all its travails, its beauty and degredations, we have to show them the ways and means to heal not to destroy, we have to learn of creative ways and means to make them feel that their prescence here on this planet is not by chance only but there is more to it than occupying the space and breathing the air.
In this rat race world we have all inherited from our fathers and mothers we have most of us lost our sense of bearing, our human perspective, our original motive and intentions. We are here for a very good reason knowing it or not we were created to be the gaurdian or Caliphs or this planet and we have been granted a Mind to do so by the AlMighty. For whatever our belief may be we as the human race have been granted with as unique a tool as can be created the HUMIND. Use it or abuse it as me may at the end of the day we still have to return to the source that has given us this advantage over all other creatures and santient beings to the point that we believe ourselves to be the masters of the Universe.
Today the planet is in dire need of saviors, she is in dire need of a human race that can love and respect her for all that she has offered and still has to offer, however, ad to say most of us are still fast asleep and living in our dreams forgetting the reality that this Lonely planet is confronted with. We are destrying her an inch at a time with our ambitions and our ignorance, we are taking from the life she has to offer and in return giving back miseries and decadence through our carelessness and empathy. We have become self serving and succumbed ourselves to our own greed, hate and delussions. We have taught our children to hate and to destroy, we have taught them to become inhuman and thoughtless towards eachother and the planet itself. All dreams having run its course in time will sooner or latter turn into nightmares and the time for nightmares is fast approach8ng for us in this generation as we see more and more violence and environmantal degredation manifest themselves all over our lonely planet. As we see our children loosing theselves to the ills of our own making in this rat race life we have to stop and wake up from our dreams we have to take control of our own destinies to turn the course of our history from one of self destruction into one of creative conservation before it is all gone.

Monday, April 17, 2006

What is going on?

It seems like I have become another one of those to be sensored from writing or reading anytning Islam on the internet, I cannot excess my own blog and the Hulusi website which is strange. But there are ways to go about getting around the walls of suppressions otherwise history would be written lopsided by those who have the excess to the net only and primarily those who feel threatened by history and truth. Its a bloody shame because the Humind is not to be bounded by narrowmindedness or ignorance for if it is it becomes stagnant and leads to decay which in turn becomes sour and toxic leading to the final stage of combustion. The freedom to express is the only thing left that is acting as a safety valve for the Humind from exploding or imploding under great pressure.
Then again its all a remporary error which yahoo is experiencing and will function as soon as the problem is resolved. oh well whatever the matter I will keep on writing untill the FBI or the CIA or the Mossad or whoever feel threatened by anyone writing of islam comes around to put me away for good. I shouls have written more on Buddhism or perhaps on Judaism or even the Christianity of Reverend Jesse Helms. The Da Vinci Code, the Novel by Dan Brown covered everything from Art to Religion, psychology to psychiatry, it even went to a great length to justify the fact that Jesus was married to a one time prostitute by the name of Mary Magdeline and they had kids. Wow! Now that should ruffle some feathers in the Christian world! Did it? Oh well it sure made alot of money especially now that it is being made into a movie.

I am now counting down the days when the oppening of my solo show happens and that is thew frist of may, Labor Day. It will a low budget show since I could not drum up any support or sponsor from anything or anyone but thanks to the University Sains Muzium and gallery Department for their help and support. I hope that the show will be a success at least in getting people to visit the gallery and also get one two youngsters to be interested in Art and creativity and not to mention sell a piece or two in the process. High hopes but in truth i sure could do with some extra income and Art just has not been doing it for me. What can I say sometimes to be the bast is just not good enough even if it means making all the right moves and sacrifices you can.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Way of The Creative Spirit

I have been putting quite a few mileage on my feet and they are beginning to tell. Every morning I continue on walking a couple of miles from where the bus drops me off to where I work at the Jerejak Resort and SPA ferry terminal.Its a beautiful especially very early in the morning when the village of Batu Uban has not gotten out of their beds yet. Only a few early birds up and mostly they are food vendors. Nasi lemak, Karipuffs, this kueh and that kueh, the roti chanai man at the grocery store at the end of the village, it becomes a walking meditation.
Then I climb up the overhead crosswalk across the highway up and down stairs taking me to thw otherside where I walk along the highway to the obnoxious sound of the traffic rushing to work. I skip over the gaurd rail somewhere along the road and head toward the bushes and across a reclaimed land that is beginning to look like an African lanscape towards the sea. The light is just begun light up the horizon and I would be crossing the parking lot to the terminal saying good morning to my main man LilBahadur, the Nepal. He is sweeping the parking lot like he does everymorning without fail. Hand him his Roti Canai which I sometimes buy for his breakfast and after clocking-in and dropping off my stuff in the office I head out towards the end of the jetty. The tide is low and the birds are feeding in the mud flats, crows are being obnoxious as usual while the egrets and cranes meditate on their victims.
At the end of the poer I sit myself on the tie-up stump for the ferry made of concrete which by size and postion became a perfect stoll for my meditation. The pressure imposed up my pelvic bone helps for the alignment of the vertibrae column, while across I center my focus upon the red orb that is slowly rising from behind the distant mountain across in the horizon. From my squatting position I can hold the orb in the palms of my hand while I held the Universal Mudra,this reminds me of the ZaZen practice of handling the Koans as one would hold a burning red ball. As one sits letting one's breath takes over while channeling ones conciousness towards Allah's beautiful Names the sun rises into the morning skies and a Singapore airline jetplane would fly directly overhead and in this loud sonic boom of a sound you let out a KIA! A scream of that would wake up the whole Universe! A primordial roar of the Lion King! Allah-Hu-Akhbar!!!
I am Al- Malik Sulto'onik Awlia-ul-Azam!!
I am the All knowing all Wise, Lord of Knowledge! Lord of wisdom!

I worked on my water color painting of the The Three Gypsy Fiddlers and I am enjoying the finishing touches. I got the image from sequences of the movie, "The Red Violin" where the Violin was in the hands of the Gypsies after they had removed it from the grave of a young boy who had been chosen to play the violin before the King of Austria? The Red Violin is a Classic movie to me and it holds a strong impact upon my mind of the sacrifices a creative mind would endure that the end result is the ultimate creative act, the fiddler maker coated his finest violin meant for his unborn child with the blood of his recently dead wife who died giving birth to their first child.Creation...turning what is negative into what is positive. This is the genius of the humind,a creative mind is what makes us better than the rest of the Beings in this Universe. When we loose the ability to envision life creatively, when we stop having dreams and imagination, we are head for the Big Bang as a specie. The fictional story of the "Planet of the Apes" would seem not impossible for our specie to end. War and aggression is the result of running out of ideas on how to solve the negative issues and bad vibes through creative and positive endeavors.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back down to Earth..

I am typing this at the Internet Cafe where I first started writing my blogs since I arrived in Penang. Beside me sits a Malay staring into the screen with earphones hanging from his ears and on my left a young Vietnamese lady sits typoing away with her earphones strappped across her head, she had a problem a few minutes ago dropping her hand phone to the floor while in the process of attracting my attention for help. There is a conversation going on behind me between an Indian Muslim and a Bangladeshi about jobs of possibilities and prospects, they speak in Malay.
This is the typical scenario that one finds these days in whatever human environment one is in albeit at the supermarket or on a crowded Mini Bus here in Penang! Not that I mind the mixed groups of Nationals minggling and living the life in one place but the feeling of forebodence is inside me. The number of immigrant workers is so prevaillent that the economy or even the infr-structure of the this very might collapse in the event that they all leave in one drive. Sometimes you begin to wonder who owns the home the maid or the resident and the workers are more daring by the day, the lack of respect for local residents is beginning to emerge as more and more same nationals are able to form their own collective body.
It is a convenient act for any foreigner to hide behind the state of ignorence when they are accosted for whatever reason, play dumb, the I dont know what you are looking at look.I know cause I was a legal Alien in America for 21 years of my life and 3 years in Japan, as aliens, one learns the art of survival as a human being while he or she walks this earth. However while in ones own hometown and backyard one has to walk the opposite of the track, it is the survival of staying intact and not being dispossesed within one's own home, the break up of a society from the onslaught of globalization. This country, Malaysia is gambbling with human resources while hiring cheaper labors and attaint rapid growth at the expense of the country loosing its identity or possibly end up in chaos at the end of the day or become a really trully developped nation with the strongly balanced economic as well as human resources...what about the environment?!!

Tomorrow is my day off and i look forward to statong up late and possibly do some painting on canvas, I am struggling too much with the latest piece i am working on which is a group of Hindu dancers taken from a news paper. It is a beautiful picture well choreographed for grace, balnce and energy. I have completed a painting I would like to call.. (Al-Insan- Qamil)or the Universal Conciousness as translated by Ahmed Hulusi in one of his articles on "Muhammad"s Allah".
It is a painting that is sort of depicting the Mystical Journey of the Human Mind in seek of its Devine origin. I chose the Dragon to represent the Male dominant Nature while the Phoenix to symbolize Femininty, Light and Heavy, soft and hard, the Cosmic nature of the Universe also being represented in the Cosmic Mandala the Ying and Yang, the Black against White tadpoles in a disc.Above hnags the "Insan Qamil", a homo Sapien straddling a globe while spinning through the Universe among stars and black holes. Oh well something like that and its quite big maybe about Imeter in length and in oil. It came out okey I might add because i had a great time towards the end of the process of putting this whole outdated scenario in living colors! Now lets see whet they comment about it at the show.
There has been offers to include a martial Art exhibition by a Malay Silat Group in Kampung Rawa where I was introduced to the Instructor Encik Zainal. He suggested that he would invite his Westerners students and his Chinese students to join in the Presentation for the oppening of my Solo Exhibition which would fall on Labor day that is the first of May. There even be a Mr.Tambourine Man as i mentioned earlier at the show too.
The University Muzium has got my works where they will reframe or remount my canvasses, I still could use a few larger paintings said the Director Encik Hasnul. Only The Almighty can keep me from creating at present aND I PRAY THAT ALLAH will keep me in good health to fulfill this first and most probably final show i will have here in my Hometown, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang (Penang).