Sunday, October 23, 2005

Job Hunting

It time to keep looking for something worthwhile again and so far there seems to be slim pickings for what i am qualified for and that being in the Health and Safety line.So far two possibilities and i am hoping that my applications would be fruitful.
The kids are doing fine for not having much to go for as far as money is concern.They have not said much about their mother but i cn feel that they miss her and are keeping it to themselves as thay know pretty well that right now thare is not much that can be done for her.
Work at the resort is becoming a tedium as there is not much to do during the fasting monthan there being alot less people visiting the island. I spend most of the day at work reading and doing some water colors.Mo offers for my artworks so far but go to keep painting just to fill up empty spaces.It seems like my creative juices like all else in my life is beginning to dry up like it is part of the aging rpocess.However I still get positive feed back from those who cant draw or paint themselves and that helps to cheer me up abit.If nothing else it is entertaining and keeps the mind occupied.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's The Fasting Month Again

Yes the month of Ramadan is here and so my stomach is growling and my head is spinning and I am still running around like I am an enlightened numbnut with no end in sight. Today I learned that my salary will be smaller next month as there was a discrepancy in the amount paid into the accounts department on the 9th. of this month. It looks like the money simply up and dissappeared without a trace and I am resposible for it somehow as I cannot remmber who was on duty when I turned the money in at the end of the day. Its to the tune of some two hundred RM which is about onthird of my salary. I knew this was coming for the pastr few days the moment i was called to justify the missing amount and my feeling has been one of "I dont really give a damn about it anymore than I give a damn if my balls are still functioning.
My son's school principal, his form teacher and the disciplinary teacher has been takeing turns reminding him the his father better pay up the foreign student fees or else... This too is becoming another thorn in my side as I am running out of cash and to think that when I had it and made the payment the school refused to accept it. I was informed through a small piece of paper hand written by the school principal that the school cannot accept the money from the student and that I have to take my son with me and make the payment at the Ministry of Education Office. Well they could have told me that in the first place but instead they had asked me to visit the school earlier and meet the principal which I did and failed to meet anyone as everyone was away that day. Now I am up tomy neck with this kind of bureaucratic crap that I am beginning to turn into a potential terrorist out of shear frusteration.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

And the show must go on...

Its the fasting month of Ramadan for the Muslims all over the world and like all good Muslims my children and I fast. Waking up at three in the morning I walk over to my cousins'house sometimes with my daughter to eat the "Souk". Then back to bed before waking up at six a.m. to get ready for work. I am in debted to my couisns husband and wife for without them my life would be far off worse than it is. I am living on the brink of poverty as my salary barely covers the rent and my children's daily meals. I am flat broke by the middle of the month not knowing where the next break would be coming from. But enough of the financial grumblings and moving on to better things in life like, like...???
No news from my wife where she is at present or how she is GOD ONLY KNOWS. We miss her but have to settle for the stark reality of accepting the fact that wqe might not see her again, not in this life most probably. My son's school is demanding that i pay for his school fees soon or...and I am still trying to get their resident status settled. It seems all decks are stacked against me. Well what can I say the Al;mighty is still testing me and i have to deal with what comes as they come. I am a beleiver and i believe that there is a silver lining behind all these, it may not seem possible at the moment but it is there, all I need to do is just hang in there and ride this Tsunami.