Saturday, September 17, 2005

When you are broke you are broke!

Hello darkness my old friend, I have come to talk with you again! AHH the good old Simon and Garfunkle tune that comes to mind whenver I sit to tell my story. What has been happening since I have been away from the computer? Well life has not gotten any better at least not financially and i dont expect it to at least not in the too near future. My wife God help her is tugged away safe in a home somewhere in Waterloo, Illinois, watch out all you great hard working dedicated beings out ther it could happen to any of you at any time! My kids are accepting the fact that they most probably will not see their mother again not in this life as it cost too much to make things happen these days. And as for me I am getting bwetter at kissing asses and bowing low to welcome the guests at the Jerejak Resort and SPA.
Hey its life! No one ever said that things were to be any different and if they did tell them bullshit! This is IT. Good bad, high lows, take it as it IS and thank the Maker that you still got a life to toy around with. These fingers can still tap on this keyboard and most probably this garbage does get read by one or two die hards out there like my sons in the USa and the other in the Swiss Alps. They better unless they too are too damn sucked up with their own life story that they dont have the time to. In any event who gives a s..t anyways. Thats the beauty about writng this blog, I can let it out and let it blow and hurt no one while I defuse my own.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A life must go on

The last message that I got from about my wife in Columbia Illinois was that she had lost her senses and ran out of the house later to be taken to a Rehab Center. I am not toatlly surprised by the news however am very sad for her and for my children here who i have not told about his latest turn of events. They are going through enought as it is and there seem to be no end in sight. Its a shame for a person who has devoted her life to the persuit of her career as a teacher to end up in a mental home. The Gods must be nuts!
I have been working at the resort fr the past wo months now and most probably bee doing so just to keep my head above water. The job is quite exciting at times and ttotally boring most of the time and so i kept a few books around just to fill the time. Mostly the books are on Sufiism like books by Ibn.Arabi and Kadir Jailani.I am doing a study on the deeper aspects of Islam with the hopre that i can culminate it into a comparative study between Islam and Buddhism. Perhaps turn it into a Master's Degree reasearh paper.I have been hanging out with a few friends with simmilar intrests here and have been into a lot of discussions on the subject.